Facebook expands its Data Portability Tool

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Facebook data tool

The Facebook data portability tool that allows users to transfer Facebook data to an external portal has expanded its functionalities, and users can now transfer their notes and Facebook posts to Google Docs, Blogger, and WordPress.com.

Previously, the data portability tool only had the ability to transfer Facebook photos and videos to services such as Dropbox, Google Photos, and more. The tool has also been renamed to 'Transfer Your Information'.

The platform mentions the tool will be password-protected, which means that users would have to enter their password to initiate a transfer, along with the transfer being encrypted when it moves between the services.

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How To Use The Tool

  • Open Facebook settings
  • Select 'Your Facebook Information'
  • Click on 'Transfer Your Information'
  • Follow the prompts,
  • Choose a service (portal which the data will be transferred to)

The tool will be expanded with more data types that can be transferred and more services it can be transferred to. Although, regulation around data portability continues to remain a concern. Which data should be made portable and who is responsible for protecting data while it's being transferred and once it has been transferred, and more of such concerns remain ambiguous.

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