Facebook launches new business suite features

Paawan Sunam
Apr 16, 2021 09:28 IST
Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite has been updated with new features to enable smooth content creation, and scheduled distribution.

For the unacquainted, Facebook Business Suite is a hub of tools and resources to manage the social media presence of a brand across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The new features would help social media managers schedule Stories, edit scheduled posts, and manage albums.

Schedule Stories

Social Media Executives can now create, publish and schedule Stories for Facebook and Instagram, through the Business Suite app on iOS, Android, clicking on the 'Create Story' option on Home, or by navigating the 'Posts & Stories' tab.

Edit Scheduled Posts


Users would now also have the ability to edit scheduled posts in a streamlined manner through the suite. To edit and make changes to a scheduled post:

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  • Open the 'Posts & Stories' tab on the Business Suite on mobile or desktop
  • Click on 'Scheduled Posts'
  • Select the post to be edited
  • Click on 'Edit Post'
  • Save changes

Users would also have the option to preview saved changes of the edited post, and other scheduled posts in the 'Calendar' section of 'Posts & Stories'.

Create & Manage Albums


Facebook will soon be launching a feature that enables users to publish and manage all Facebook Photos and Albums through the 'Posts & Stories' tab on Business Suite.

Save Drafts

Another one of upcoming features to be launcheed is the functionality to create and save drafts. The Instagram and Faebook posts created from concepts the user thinks holds potential but may not be quite ready, can now be saved, by choosing the 'Save as draft' option, once the process of creating the post is finished.

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