Flipkart kept people guessing with the #FullOnFab campaign on social for new Samsung Galaxy F12 launch

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Flipkart #FullOnFab campaign

With influencers, an incentive of free vouchers and an intriguing guessing game, Flipkart was able to create a buzz around #FullOnFab and promote the new Samsung Galaxy F12.

To be able to ignite intrigue in a product before its launch is every marketer's dream. It could be a well-crafted tweet, a post by an influencer or a teaser video — or a mix of it all to keep people hooked for long, till the product launch is officially announced. To promote their new phone in the F series, the Samsung Galaxy F12, the electronic giant paired up with Flipkart. It resulted in a teaser campaign called #FullOnFab, which ran across Twitter and Instagram handles of Flipkart. 

It all began on March 31 when Flipkart put forth a mysterious communication on both the platforms — they would be launching a new product and people had to guess what it could be. They didn’t even reveal the category the said product could belong to. This too had to be guessed and the correct guesswork could lead users to win vouchers. 

The incentive worked and soon, the hashtag #FullOnFab was trending. The timing around April Fool’s helped with the traction as some of the people participated just to express how it could be a prank. 

Getting quote-tweeted by influencers such as Trendulkar, Gabbar Singh and Durjoy Dutta helped the cause as it helped Flipkart reach relevant GenZ audiences. 

Flipkart also used GIFs in their communication in an attempt to woo the audiences. This was in sync with their intentions of reaching young people on social who might be interested in buying a new smartphone as well as keep things interesting and chirpy while doing so.

Finally, on April 1, the announcement went live and it was revealed that the new product is in fact a smartphone — Samsung Galaxy F12.

#FullOnFab was in fact a play on words as the newly launched phone belonged to Samsung’s F Series phones. It also worked in the favour of Flipkart due to the emphasis on the letter F in the communication, which was eye-catching, bright and colourful. 

The timing around April 1 added a layer of intrigue to the campaign, as did the task of guessing — many guessed it a perfume brand, some guessed an apparel brand launch, some guessed a kitchen product, some thought it to be a new smartphone while others were sure this was an April's Fool Day prank.

Since the efforts helped the #FullOnFab hashtag trend, Flipkart’s other partner brands also gained from the activity — as did the potential customers who made purchases or would do so on winning the vouchers. Flipkart’s association with Samsung benefitted as the users who engaged with the campaign would likely recall the brands when they were exploring to buy a new smartphone. The campaign was a win-win in multiple ways.

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