Frooti ad campaigns that give a taste of fun and exuberance to the audience

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Frooti ad campaigns

Frooti maintaining its “Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy” stardom with relatable ad campaigns over the years. We bring to you some of the iconic and quirky Frooti ad campaigns.

Right from ads to its creative packaging, Frooti has always remained ahead of its time with its creative and innovative ad campaigns. The brand has been iconic to date with its's evergreen tagline that says, “Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy”. Till the early 80s, the brand did not hit the audience with its ad commercials. Later in the 80s, Frooti released its first ad commercial that featured a few pretty ladies in mini-skirts diving into the Frooti pool. The ad commercial was released with the motive to depict the cooling factor of the drink.

Over the years, Frooti ad campaigns have solely targeted kids. Only after its second decade of existence, Frooti thought of repositioning itself as a drink for adults. Campaigns like The Yo Frooti campaign, Digen Verma, and the Bindass campaign were steps in the direction of repositioning itself as the drink for adults.

It was not until 2013 that Frooti had appointed a brand ambassador. After Shahrukh Khan was appointed the brand ambassador, Frooti came up with the Frooti life campaign. The Frooti life campaign was extensively launched across all domains with an objective to rebrand the old Frooti with the new Frooti. The Frooti life campaign invited a lot of participation and user engagement across the social media platforms as Frooti asked people on Twitter to tell them about a friend who’s having a bad day and promised to cheer that person up with a taste of the new #TheFrootiLife.

The brand never failed to give the audience a taste of fun and exuberance in all the Frooti commercials while keeping the ‘Mango Frooti, Fresh & Juicy’ soul of Frooti intact. Though, now the ads are no longer created with the mindset of creating buzz. The new ads are now created keeping in mind the situations and showcasing how consumers personally connect with Frooti.

The 2021 summer campaign "#LiveTheFrootiLife" has been designed to expand Frooti's market post lockdown growth. The 2021 TVC for Frooti, created in association with &Walsh walks the audience down memory lane with a revamped tune of ‘Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy’. The campaign unleashes the fantastical world of Frooti with two characters - ‘scientist’ and ‘clumsy’ alongside Frooti brand ambassadors Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Allu Arjun - three of the biggest celebrities today. These ambassadors bring their own touch to Frooti’s TVC, making it more meaningful and impactful and highlighting the might of the brand despite the lockdown. 

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Let's dive right into some of the quirky Frooti ad campaigns of all time.

Live The Frooti Life

Frooti Go Fizzy

Frooti Love Story

Choos The Mango, Choose #TheFrootiLife

Frooti Ad: Shahrukh Khan

Frooti For CSK

Why Grow Up

Frooti Digen Verma

Mango Frooti

Frooti Old Ad

These were few of the iconic Frooti ad campaigns. In case we missed any, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

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