Global Samosa: From to Ryan Reynold's Mint Mobile, Satan's appearance in the ad is hell breaking

Samriddhi Bisht
New Update
Satan Mint Mobile

The iconic 'Satan' returns in a new ad for Ryan Reynolds' Mint Mobile to highlight the truth of Big Wireless companies services in a sarcastic way.

Satan, the devil of hell who made its debut in the ad industry with the ad campaign, is back with its sarcasm in a new ad campaign for Mint Mobile, a cell service provider co-owned by actor Ryan Reynolds. The ad commercial of featuring Satan revolved around the concept of Satan and 2020 being a match made in hell and was taken well by the audience as it received millions of views on Youtube.

Considering the success of's ad commercial, Ryan Reynolds' Mint Mobile is making Satan return as an employee of "Big Wireless", a generic cell service provider that represents the established competitors of Mint Mobile in the market. In the new ad commercial, Satan takes a sarcastic toll on Big Wireless's hidden fees, long hold times, lack of customer service and high prices.

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With the campaign's narrative, Mint Mobile looks forward to highlighting how poorly Big Wireless companies treat their consumers. This is certainly something that can be avoided by being part of the Mint Mobile company. The Instagram video by Mint Mobile states, "The road to hell is paved with Big Wireless contracts." This was more than enough for the company to showcase their sarcastic approach in revealing the truth behind the services of the Big Wireless companies.

Last year, Mint Mobile came up with a series of ads featuring Ryan Reynolds simply standing in a field of mint while talking to a different set of people. This year's campaign is quite a twist and serves the audience with just the right amount of entertainment.

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