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Instagram Remix

Instagram announced a new feature, Remix, that allows users to interact with other Reels with their own video content playing alongside the existing Reel. The feature is on the lines of 'Duet' on TikTok

Remix will let users create, and share a reaction, or add their own perspective to the Reel on Instagram. The feature is an addition to the interactive tools available on the platform like Live Rooms, polls, and questions in Stories, and AR effects.

The collaborative tool on Reels aims to give people more ways to create and engage with the trends, songs, and creators. The first few remixes were posted by creators @jannatzubair29, @hisukriti,  @mr_faisu_07, and more.


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How To Use Remix

  • Choose a reel
  • Tap the three-dot menu on a reel and select “Remix this Reel”
  • The screen will split into the original reel and your new one -- start recording your Remix! Your recording will be side-by-side to the original reel
  • Once recorded, you can control the volume for the original audio, your recorded audio, and add a voiceover. To edit volume controls tap the slider icon up top, to add a voiceover tap the microphone icon up top
  • Edit as you desire, and post your remixed Reel
  • Only newly uploaded Reels will have Remix enabled

The new feature on Instagram is a replica Duet on TikTok, that lets users collaborate through interactive video. Snapchat has also been developing the same feature in the testing phase, and also goes by the same name 'Remix', as per a discovery by an app researcher.

Since the launch of Reels last year, several features have been added to it. This includes extending the recording time limit up to 30 seconds, extending the countdown timer to 10 seconds while recording, and adding options to trim and delete clips from the timeline. There have also been updates to the audio features, where you can now save audio clips, share audio pages, and browse for trending songs.

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