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Mirinda bringing out the (required) insanity within consumers with a burst of atypical campaigns has been a constant endeavour that established an individual presence for the brand, here we taste a few of these flavours.

Mirinda, from the house of PepsiCo, has been a household name in India for several years, and one of the brands that have transitioned its presence from traditional to digital mediums whilst maintaining a consistent tonality with their campaigns.

'Pagalpanti Bhi Zaroori Hai' has been a constant brand proposition that has been an umbrella concept for several years. Customarily formulated with freakish narratives and occasionally featuring celebrities, the theme has been ingrained in most of the brand's campaigns.

The brand has also been ahead of its time with a few concepts. Social media challenges have become a part of the user temperament in recent years, and brands have often tapped this trait for promotional activities initiated through user-generated content. But Mirinda is one of the first brands that integrated this concept in the non-digital days, with the 'Tongue Twister Challenge'.

Along with maintaining a humorous tonality, the brand has also put out serious communication. Release The Pressure, a social initiative, has been one of the most lauded brand campaigns in recent years.

The campaign urging parents to go easy on their children facing exams was intended to address the issue of parents accidentally harming their child's mental health by giving in to the fear of academics' competitive nature.

The campaign was a critical and commercial success; it crossed a million views within a day of its release and boasts more than 24 Mn views to date. Created in association with the agency Edelman India, the campaign also went on to win a Silver Abby for Consumer Non-Durables.

Uncap the flavors with these campaigns.

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Taste Twister Challenge



Mirinda Crashes The Pepsi IPL

Release The Pressure


Pagalpanti Bhi Zaroori Hai

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