Facebook surprises users with new ‘layout’ feature

Facebook layout feature

The new photo ‘layouts’ feature, soon to be out on Facebook, will provide a different presentation to your posted images on the platform.

Facebook introduces a brand new fresh ‘layouts’ feature to the platform that provides the user with a wide range of frames and formats that can be used to add a fresh appeal to the visuals posted on the app by the user. One can find the new layout feature in the post compressor tools within the Facebook app.

Not all users have access to the feature right now and Facebook hasn’t yet announced when and where this feature will be available to the audience. Users expect the feature to be working soon as it adds to the fun while using the platform.

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Facebook has been experimenting with its visual representation layout features for quite a time now and has never failed to amaze the audience with its creativity in terms of feature development. These formatting tools have been specifically designed in the platform to serve the user with the purpose of creating more engaging and eye-gazing posts, without having to require extraordinary editing skills.

UK’s most well known social media consultant, Matt Navarra also posted the video of this new ‘layouts’ feature in function and various frames and formats that the feature will serve to the audience.