Nivea Campaigns that humanized the little blue tin

Nivea Campaigns

Nivea Campaigns have made their products synonymous with human traits and skincare practices with maternal care, here we uncap the little blue tin and discern their creative approach.

Caregiving is a predominant approach that most campaigns by Nivea embrace, along with drawing parallels from more human traits, such as humor. An approach that also sustains uniformity with multiple communications from around the globe. For instance, during the pandemic’s initial phase, Nivea UK released a musical campaign extending the brand proposition of caregiving, urging viewers to look after each other.

The brand also presents a satirical take on body odour with few humorous campaigns. The most prominent of them being ‘Ban Body Odour’ ft. Suresh Menon & Jose Covaco. The humorous element has been integrated in several campaigns adding a light-hearted tone.

With an educational outlook, Nivea has also released several content properties in various formats. Such as the ‘Healthy Skin Series’ featuring Anushka Sharma, and Taapsee Pannu. These series intend to provide tips on home remedies and skincare.

Skincare practices such as regular moisturizing have often been shown a parallel with a mother’s care. The concept has been revisited with alterations that make them distinct, but tonality maintains consistency. The focus on the product remains minimal but substantial, with more stress on the emotional quotient of the narrative that is intended to make a mark on the viewer’s minds, and make the advert relatable with one’s own memories with the caregiver.

More campaigns represent the nourishment from the blue tin.

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Yeh Maa Ka Pyaar Hai

Little Blue Tin

Mom’s Touch

Small Acts Of Care

One Winter Day In A Taxi

Ban Body Odour Ft. Suresh Menon & Jose Covaco

Healthy Skin Series Ft. Anushka Sharma

Healthy Skin Series Ft. Taapsee Pannu


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