Pinterest and Shopify expand partnership to 27 new countries

Pinterest Shopify

To cater to the growing demand in online shopping, streamline product availability for global consumers, and boost social commerce, the Shopify Pinterest channel has been expanded globally.

Shopify merchants from these countries would be able to turn their products into shoppable Product Pins that are discoverable on the Pinterest platform. UK, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, and more countries are the new markets where the partnership has been expanded.

The platform is also rolling out Multi-feed support for Catalogs. The feature enables brands and businesses to upload products in multiple products feeds within the same Pinterest Business account.

This tool is available to Shopify merchants, and any brand or business with an active Pinterest Business account. they can add up to 20 product feeds to their account. Currency, language or product availability, and more of such information will be displayed according to the local data.

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The multi-feed catalog will enable businesses to curate a region-specific feed for various markets they operate in while adapting the different advertising strategies such as prospecting or retargeting, that are uniform across the board. Dynamic retargeting, which allows re-engaging with users who have already expressed interest in a product, will also be available to Shopify merchants.

“Small and medium businesses, in particular, have the opportunity to thrive on Pinterest because they connect with consumers in a positive environment when they are early in their decision-making journey and full of purchase intent. With the retail ecosystem profoundly evolving over the past year, we’re committed to supporting merchants of all sizes by providing them with quick and easy access to our shopping features without the need to edit code or deploy resources so they can inspire consumers for what to do or buy next”, says Bill Watkins, Global Head of Mid-Market and Small Business Sales, Pinterest.

“Discoverability is top of mind for Shopify merchants—and social commerce has been a driving factor in helping independent businesses build meaningful audiences, particularly throughout this last year when we saw installs of our social commerce channels grow 76%”, said Lola Oyelayo-Pearson, Director of UX, Channels and Financial Services, Shopify.