Sensodyne's new campaign urges people to reclaim life's small pleasures

Social Samosa
Apr 21, 2021 05:34 IST

The campaign by Sensodyne brings alive visual imagery of popular culinary treats that are considered as triggers of tooth sensitivity, thereby urging consumers to relish these delicacies without having to compromise because of tooth sensitivity.

Sensodyne has announced the launch of a new brand campaign- “Life’s too short for tooth sensitivity” that encourages consumers to enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life without worrying about tooth sensitivity. Through this campaign, the brand has also rolled out the new brand identity for Sensodyne that is reflected in the pack design.

A cup of hot chai or filter coffee is best enjoyed hot, a kulfi or an ice cream tastes best chilled and so does a tangy paani puri or a lemonade. So why let tooth sensitivity come in the way of such simple life pleasures? “Life’s too short for tooth sensitivity” campaign aims to convey that Sensodyne helps you restore the joy that comes with free-spirited enjoyment of food and drink. When people restrict their food & drink choices because of tooth sensitivity, they are missing out on some of the wonderful and essential pleasures of everyday life. While tooth sensitivity sufferers may have developed coping mechanisms to live with it, the campaign encourages them to choose Sensodyne and reclaim life's small pleasures.

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Speaking on the campaign, Anurita Chopra, Area Marketing Lead- Oral Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare elaborated, “Sensodyne is the leading sensitivity toothpaste in the country, and our endeavor has always been to encourage people to live life to the fullest without having to compromise due to tooth sensitivity. For our new campaign, we have chosen relevant triggers of tooth sensitivity to create the realization of missing out on life’s simple pleasures. The films have been further localized to appeal to different parts of the country, helping us achieve a greater connection with our audience and work towards a sensitivity-free India.”

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