3 ways to effectively use Twitter for COVID-19 relief

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With Twitter being used as a COVID-19 helpline to amplify relief resources, here are three ways the platform can be used to create impact.

Twitter is currently being used as a means to minimize the ill-impact of COVID-19 and help people find solidarity and access to relief resources. People are sharing SOS calls and amplifying resources to the hilt with the help of hashtags such as #Covid19IndiaHelp. In the midst of all this good, there are a few regular features of Twitter that can be used as tools to better search and share these resources on the platform. These include Advanced Search, Tweets Near You, and Latest Tweets.

A regular feature on the micro-blogging website, Advanced Search can be used to find and track specific hashtags, tweets put up in specific time periods or by particular accounts. This can be used by people who are looking for resources and help in a specific location or are trying to track the updates by a specific organisation.

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Tweets Near You

A quicker way to find tweets that went up from nearby places, people can simply tap on the option of Tweets Near You after the search results load. This is a quicker way to search for resources than the Advanced Search. It narrows down the relevant tweets, especially when looking for SOS options, considerably.

Latest Tweets

By tapping the sparkle button on the top right of the home timeline, a user can be instantly be directed to latest tweets. As the tweets aren't chronological by default, this is a good option to reduce the clutter of old tweets on one's timeline. This can help people read urgent SOS tweets as soon as they are put up.

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