Twitter rebrands advertising product suite

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter advertising

In an attempt to simplify and improve clarity on advertising products and offerings, Twitter has revamped its suite, with better categorization.

The rebranded Twitter advertising product suite only has five main categories as opposed to 22+ individual ad format names. Each category comprises sub-categories and a corresponding suite of features that advertisers can choose for their campaign or media plan.

The changes would reflect in the new Tweet Composer, but all alterations may no be visible immediately, previous product names would be phased over the course of several months.

The revamp is intended to consolidate the ad products with easy-to-understand segregation, and improve the Twitter Ads Experience by making it less confusing.


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New Categories

Promoted Ads

Ad formats can feature images, videos, and various ad features.

Follower Ads

Used to promote an account to a targeted audience to build awareness and attract new followers.

Twitter Amplify

Advertisers can align their ads with premium video content from relevant publishers.

Twitter Takeover

Premium, mass-reach placements that drive results across the marketing funnel by taking over the Timeline and Explore tab.

Twitter Live

Broadcast a live conference, product launch, important events, and significant moments, and let the audience join in real-time.

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