Twitter Updates: Vaccination Prompt & Professional Profiles

Paawan Sunam
Apr 29, 2021 06:19 IST
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Twitter has launched two significant updates, one of them being an attempt to raise awareness about the COVID-19 vaccine and streamline access to related info.

Professional Profiles, is another one of the updates designed for businesses and professionals on Twitter.

Vaccination Prompt

The platform is launching a prompt in Twitter timelines to enable users with access to information around vaccination drives in their country. The prompt will be a hub and source of info around vaccine safety, efficacy, and news, collated from public health experts.

The prompt will be similar to the one users already see for COVID-19. The hub would be filled with Tweets containing authoritative public health information around vaccination programs and the vaccine, as per the user's location.

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Professional Profiles

Professional Profiles is the new layout that non-profits, publishers, creators, and any user using the platform in a professional capacity can use. The functionality of this tool is to display specific information directly on the profile.

The layout design can highlight the website associated with the account, contact, and location information along with operational hours. The feature has currently only been available to a small group of businesses in the US and will be rolled out further in the coming months.

Previously, when a user would discover a business or professional on Twitter, they would have to search for their info on an external platform such as Google. The new tool would bridge this gap with easy access to info on a business within the Twitter app or website.

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