World Health Day brand creatives line up to cultivate healthier habits

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The idiom 'Health Is Wealth' has been redefined by the pandemic, and a nourishing lifestyle is an embodiment of surviving these traumatic times, and World Health Day brand creatives urge us not to take our wealth for granted.

Honoring the frontline healthcare workers has been a consistent theme for World Health Day brand creatives since last year. And along with brand posts lauding the heroes, RIO Pads calls attention to inhumane working conditions that menstruating caregivers face during their lengthy working hours and applauds their efforts.

PolicyBazaar presents a satirical take on uninvited illness that is not courteous enough to ask for permission before arriving or even warning the person.

Several brands integrate the messaging of fostering a healthy diet and exercise and how it is important to maintain safety precautions against COVID-19, to limit the outbreak and also reduce the hefty load on the shoulders of frontline workers.

More brands theme their creatives around the 2021 theme of "Building a fairer, healthier world" and remark the day dedicated to spreading awareness of global health, acknowledge public health issues, and mark WHO’s founding.

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