YouTube experiments various features like Timed comments, mobile permissions, and more

YouTube mobile features

YouTube releases features on Timed comments, mobile permissions, YouTube links, and updates on the Self-Certification feature of the platform.

YouTube will soon be rolling out various features, one of which is “mobile permissions” that will allow users to access channel permissions via studio mobile. This will allow the delegate users to view the mobile dashboard, view artist analytics, edit video, metadata, and settings on mobile. This is being rolled out on Android first with iOS follow. Until now, channel permissions were only accessible via studio desktop.

Over the coming few weeks, YouTube is also experimenting with a feature that will provide links from YouTube’s main app to the studio app in order to make it easier for the user to switch between the two apps. One can find this link on the video list under the library. YouTube is also planning to test a feature that will allow the user to view comments that are timed to a specific moment that the user is watching within a video. This is done to provide more context to the user about where the best conversation is happening within the video.

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YouTube also rolled out an update to the self-certification feature of the platform. Now, the creators can wrongly rate their two separate videos within 90 days without getting penalized. Earlier, the creators were being penalized for self-certifying their wrong videos for monetization that is not suited for YouTube’s algorithm.