YouTube provides updates on advertiser-friendly guidelines for creators

YouTube advertiser-friendly guidelines

As advertiser-friendly guidelines are a bit more restrictive on few areas than others, YouTube has introduced policy updates that include new topics that previously couldn’t be monetized.

YouTube is required to strike a balance between providing the opportunity to creators to monetize their videos and keeping the advertisers satisfied with their investment, through the advertiser-friendly guidelines, so the changes are intended to improve monetization while sustaining the balance.

The platform has announced a few policy updates, through which more creators will have the option to fully monetize their videos, as opposed to the previous policies when the new inclusions of types of content would have received the yellow icon.

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The updates will move the scope of these types of content from the yellow icon to the green icon, which means these content types will be eligible for monetization. The updates include:

  • Expanding monetization on educational documentaries, or news content that may feature violent interactions with law enforcement, recreational drug or drug-related content, and sensitive events
  • Expanding monetization on controversial issues, wherein content isn’t graphic and is an objective discussion on the issues
  • Expanding monetization on adult themes, delivered through the context of humour, for instance, adult dating jokes, along with moderate profanity within first 30 seconds of the video