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How do we define Django Digital?

Django Digital is an integrated digital solution provider founded in 2019 by the entrepreneurial duo Shivang Shah and Aashay Shah. This venture was started right out of the founders’ living room with over 40 employees today, aiming to bring clutter-breaking solutions.

Backed by Schbang, we believe that the right workforce can create wonders as a team. The Django team comprises a mix of the millennial and Gen Z workforce as the backbone of the agency.

What's in the name?

To put it simply, the ‘D’ in the word Django stands for Digital. We essentially want to digitally awaken brands through social, e-commerce, and influencer networking. This is also our mission statement to achieve for every brand we work with.

What we do?

Django Digital assists brands with solutions for business challenges aiming to create impactful strategies, managing their social media and influencer associations, curating engaging content, branding, and designing, developing websites, assisting in media buying or performance marketing, amongst other services. The agency also houses an in-house content production studio aimed at quality content through experimentation which allows the agency to be flexible with several deliverable formats.

Why we do it?

Aashay and Shivang identified a gap in the market for a digital agency that could provide the desired output as that of a larger agency in an economical budget. The founders have had the opportunity to work with multinational agencies and have garnered 10 years of collective experience at the age of 24.

How we evolve?

Django Digital is constantly evolving, updating, and aiming to bring alive a creative and young culture to the agency space.

We have seen the tremendous growth of influencer marketing over the past decade and as a new-age digital agency, we deemed it fit to tap into this market. Adapting to the growing trend and the power that influencers hold, we launched Django Influencers, a division of Django that enables us to identify the suitable content creators for the brands at cost-effective services for modern advertising strategies. Django Influencers have successfully executed campaigns with brands like Jio Fiber, Fevikwik, FutureLife, Storia Foods, and more.

Further, we also have a division that works on performance marketing for brands across industries.

Social responsibility in social media 

From an agency point of view, we have always viewed social media to be the most transparent means of communication. We have learned over time that being socially responsible allows you to reap greater benefits and outcomes from the platforms. The way we see it, it's nothing but an added bonus to how we can project ourselves to the world.

Additionally, a key factor today is that the majority of the social media users today are the youth - the Gen Z and millennial folk take things like being socially responsible on these platforms a lot more seriously.

Need of the hour

The ongoing chatter we see now is all about how some social media apps might be getting banned in the country and this will definitely affect not just businesses but also influencers who have their career model charted out on these platforms. The need of the hour is to fix the social networking norms that create a win-win situation from all perspectives.

We learned the hard way

While most clients appreciate our approach to their campaigns, we have sensed that clients can be slightly hesitant on sanctioning big budgets. Just because we faced this, doesn’t mean we didn’t tackle it. Over time we have been able to build a foundation of trust with the brands we work with.

Also, we have noticed that the way brands and vendors treat a smaller agency compared to a larger one is different and we know this as we have also spent our initial years working with the big names in the industry. We didn't carefully select who we want to work with and have thereby lost ourselves, what we stand for and the opportunity revenue lost out from other better clientele in the initial days.

Did we just share that? 

You’ll be surprised to know that we don’t like letting go - what we mean by this is that we actually have a ‘trash section’ on our website of case studies and work that has been rejected by the clients but work that we take pride in!. Adding to that are the 'What the f*#k' moments when clients have actually seen it. But considering that we are a team of young Gen Z and Millennials, they also seem to find it offbeat and they understand it’s all in good faith.

We have also used reels as a format to make fun yet bold and relatable content such as taking dig at our clients, solutions vs designer problems, Payment issues, etc.

They work with us 

We make it a point to work with owner-led brands where the founders are equally involved in the decision-making process. The Django clientele includes brands like Storia Foods, White Owl Brewery, Future Life, Bookmyshow, Jio Fiber, Fevikwik, Carmesi, Society Tea, Aditya Birla Capital Health Insurance, to name a few.

The industry as we foresee

How we foresee this is that social media will work the same way, but the formats will continuously evolve. One of the things that we are already witnessing is the ‘creator first approach instead of ‘creative first’. Whether it is social content or media creatives, influencer/creator led content is being proven to be far more effective

A day without the Internet

Just a single day without the internet? We want 5 days! In all honesty, though we are a young and adventurous team here at Django so a day without the internet for us would have us trekking mountains and admiring the serenity of it all.

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