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How do we define Pentaleap?

As an agency, Pentaleap believes in a long-term relationship with clients. Getting into the details of their business and working on their brand like our own to live it every moment. Our daily chores, fun, vacations, etc. do not limit our thoughts because an idea can strike anytime. Thus, we are an Unagency – Less of an Ad Agency, More of a Business Partner.


We are more than a decade-old 360o ad agency that understands the need to come up with Marketing Solutions and advertising ideas to impact the target audience positively, giving them complete clarity on the products/services offered by our clients.

What's in the name?

Our growth lies in our client’s business taking a forward leap. Hence, the name as Pentaleap.

It is our endeavor to help our clients achieve their marketing communications objectives. We aim to utilize our core competencies in creating effective and strategic communication that connects with their target audiences at a rational as well as the emotional level in the right contextual framework.

What we do?

At Pentaleap, we value each and every Rupee that a brand spends on advertising. We won’t do ads just for doing it. We analyze the market, strategize the communication and advertise just where it needs to be. We are capable enough to do it in a 360o way, by offering complete services under digital, creative, and media as given below:

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Website & Apps Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Digital Videos
  • Brand Strategy and Planning
  • Campaign Development
  • ATL Communication
  • BTL Communication and more

Why we do it?

Three MBA classmates joined hands and shared a dream, over a decade ago. They identified the huge gap between advertising and actual marketing. It was important to bridge this gap through their extensive marketing skills, effective planning and impactful communication strategies which they were very passionate about. As a result, Pentaleap Advertising & Marketing Solutions was born.

Come what may, Marketing has been and will always be the need of every business. It may take a backfoot at times, but it will never be completely ignored.

How we evolve?

Today there is a surplus of information, flowing through our society than any of us could ever hope to process or understand. The new bottleneck on our economy is ATTENTION. We now live in an attention-based economy. Consequently, each of our team members keeps up with all the emerging trends of the industry. All our solutions arise out of this understanding, which is why we have survived in this competitive field even in the dire market conditions.

Social responsibility in social media

The key to sustainability in any business is to be trustworthy and transparent with your customer. Such has been our belief too. We have always urged our clients to present factual information on their social media platforms and not deceive their customers in any way. Even with these growing testing times when the money is tight, we continue to educate our clients to give their customers a peek behind the curtain so that they know where their money is going. This only ends up in building trust & credibility today and revenues tomorrow.

Need of the hour

Nowadays, many businesses and brands have taken the digital marketing route, yet they tend to get lost in this white noise on the internet. Digital marketing can help businesses focus their efforts at the right place but, there is a catch here. Many brands spend much more on their digital marketing efforts than they need to and for sub-par services. Optimizing strategies with accurate analysis and performance marketing is the need of the hour.

We learned the hard way

We understood that digital marketing reaches out to a huge number of prospective buyers in one go and the brands enjoy all the visibility of the world…BUT it doesn’t guarantee revenues.  It's all about reaching the target audience at the right time and this varies from person to person.

Hence, we always claim to execute performance-based campaigns which can generate quality leads (not revenues) for our client’s business.

Did we just share that?

This is for almost all the clients who want their social media followers to increase exponentially from day one - they want to make “VIRAL” videos (not videos go Viral).

They work with us

Star Bazaar (a Tata Enterprise), Amazon Easy, Principal India Mutual Fund, JSW Steel, Thakur Group of Companies, Panasonic, Tata Motors, Rao IIT Academy, Resonance, Sarvottam Career Institute, Juice Adventures, Pali Beach Resort, Western Refrigeration, Divine Solitaires, C Bhogilal, American School of Bombay, Welling Homeopathy, and more

Industry as we foresee

Over the past decade, India has emerged as a mobile-friendly dominated media market. Armed with smartphones and mobile internet access, Indians are driving unprecedented change across the media landscape be it any culture or region or language.

As a matter of fact, it will become easier to communicate with the rural part of India with this reduction of the digital divide. Video narratives are accepted widely and the messages are conveyed effectively in regional languages. This acceptance is only going to increase multifold. Also, it is going to be more content-driven with more content creators finding ways to social media platforms and making a mark for themselves.

A day without Internet

It’s a feeling same as when there is no electricity and everything goes on a standstill.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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