Agency Feature: PromoDome Digital

promodome digital

How do we define PromoDome Digital?

Founded in July 2020, PromoDome Digital was formed with a vision to provide businesses with customized, digital solutions that intend to drive ROI.  When the pandemic hit India, small businesses were affected in the worst way possible. These businesses were wiped off from the business platform, and that is when our Founders, Vivek Kataruka and Tuushaar Chopra, came up with the idea to lift these businesses and introduce them to the digital world.

Our CEO believes that you can gain experience, but it is the hard work that pays off. Promodome Digital started with 2-3 employees on board with Ansh Ved, Atman Vora, to 25 with experience in various skills.

We are believers in ethical business practices and follow the same while working on creative designs, promotional activities, and tech solutions.

What is in the name?

Promodome Digital is a dome or a hub for all kinds of promotional activities, as you can read through the name. At the agency, our only objective is aimed at providing our clients with the dedicated digital solutions that we achieve through continuous learning and efforts.

What do we do?

At PromoDome Digital, we take a look at advanced page strategies and innovative methods to outrank our client’s websites. We provide digital marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Paid Media, Public Relations, Amazon Marketing Services, etc. Our team brings with it a rich and diverse background in Internet marketing, sales, and management.

Why do we do it?

Our global service infrastructure aims to deliver quality service that has helped us earn the trust of our clients. We strive to lift small businesses and bring them to the digital world to help them grow their businesses. Our mission is to provide our clients with expert marketing solutions and drive leads to their websites for their products/services. We build a brand and make sure our clients have enough leads to act upon while they sit back and trust us completely with it.

How do we evolve?

With the online world growing so fast, it is a must for every business to boost its growth digitally. While the country is under lockdown and we are in due of this pandemic, every business needs to have a digital platform to have uninterrupted business activities. With everything being on the Internet, we help these businesses to find the right kind of audiences for their products/services. We aim to generate good leads and ensure that our client’s website and product/service are promoted to every end. The Internet is the rage and the need of the hour now, and we help you build your online presence.

Social Responsibility in social media

With every post or promotional campaign being done on social media is transparent and acknowledged by all the concerned parties, we like to follow ethical practices. Having the power to influence a large audience is good and brings in responsibility towards the same pile of audience. We strive to follow the social media policies laid by Google and bring in the best for our clients. We ensure that the information passed on via marketing is factual and is not misleading.

We learned the hard way

PromoDome Digital adheres to the key factors such as Loyalty, respect, and passion for its work.

“While choosing a team member, the most important thing that I like to focus on is the creativity and commitment he or she brings to the table,” the agency CEO, shared. “Experience is something you can gain with time, but if you have the fire of passion igniting your work, nothing can stop you from growing. Now that I think about it, none of my core employees had a job before joining my company. Their previous employees laid them off due to the pandemic’s effect on many businesses.”

“I strongly believe that when you build a company, its employees become family as you spend most of your time with them. Laying your team members off due to business losses is a wrong approach and isn’t their fault. It is our duty as leaders to keep the ship over waters at all costs,” he added, “These young employees now work passionately with a zest to take this company globally.”

They work with us

Our company has worked with various sectors like F&B, e-commerce, real estate, agriculture, cybersecurity, logistics, and pharmaceuticals. Namely Aqua Residencies, Lotus Group, Runwal Group, Preregplace, Veefly, Krishi Network, Wilderjack, Neemli, Goldi di Hatti, Ondeck Logistics, Protect.AI, to name a few.

The Industry as we foresee

Social media is now a rage, with billions of hours being spent on it. In the coming years, it will be a one-stop platform to gain all the information and business sources. Now is the right time to build your brand on social media and promote your business. Promodome intends to help your business grow by marketing your products/services on the social media platform and boost your reach.

A day without Internet

Being connected digitally is like breathing in today’s world. Especially with the pandemic situation, the Internet is the only thing that connects businesses to their niche audiences. Without the Internet, world affairs and business activities will have an adverse effect. 

Lastly, are you Hiring?