All you need to know about latest YouTube updates for creators


Some latest updates for creators on YouTube includes the ability to upload videos from the drive, pre-publish checks on mobile, and more.

YouTube is testing quite a few features to enhance the creators’ experience on the platform. They are rolling out some new studio features. Along with this, there are some new features for posts on YouTube that will help the creator better connect with their audience.

Below are some features that YouTube is working on recently

Upload defaults: YouTube is working on making the upload defaults feature more powerful. In an effort to do this, YouTube is planning to bring upload defaults to mobile, allowing multiple upload templates and also allowing creators to clone their settings from one of their previous videos so that they don’t need to retype each time they upload.

Upload from the drive: YouTube will allow creators to upload videos directly from the drive. This is essentially done to save bandwidth, time, and device storage.

Pre Publish Checks: YouTube is now working to bring the pre-published checks for mobile uploads and is improving the ways one can resolve issues and be notified quicker whenever there is an issue with a video.

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Post metrics: Any creator globally with 1000 or more subscribers will be able to see their impressions and engagement rates in YTA. The feature has been introduced to better guide the creators about how well their posts are performing with the audience. As of now, post metrics will only appear on the desktop but YouTube will soon roll out this feature on studio mobile as well.

Add multiple images: In order to allow creators the ability to express themselves, YouTube will now allow creators to post up to five images in a single post. This will make the post more dynamic for viewers of creators with 1000 or more subscribers. Currently, the feature is only available on Android. It will soon be rolled out on iOS and desktop later this year.

Schedule posts on iOS: Until now the schedule posts feature was only available on desktop and Android but now it has been rolled out on iOS as well. The feature will help creators save time and increase efficiency when sharing content.