Brand creatives revolve around #SunHalo

#SunHalo creatives

In these discouraging times, one can find solace in the smallest of things, or the brightest of rings, and brand creatives go through the prism of happiness and display vivid colors, reflecting the #SunHalo.

Nature caused a rarely seen phenomenon; when sunlight refracted off ice crystals in the clouds, a bright white ring with VIBGYOR colors formed around the sun causing the visual spectacle #SunHalo, which brought about some delightful pictures, and a topical trend that has been tapped with brand creatives.

The circle of light brightened up social media users’ day who then took to Twitter to share delightful pictures sparking the trend, Soon, the ring spotted in Bangalore was doing rounds across the country.

Brands tapped the trend to promote the availability of products, reasons to consume their offerings, unique qualities, and more. The creatives are themed around the meeting ground where the offerings and the halo find common characteristics.

Surround yourself with the #SunHalo.

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Cafe Coffee Day


McCain Foods India




Great Learning




Mobile Premier League

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