Clubhouse announces Android launch in India

Clubhouse India

Clubhouse will be rolling out on Android in India this Friday, as a part of its gradual global rollout.

Along with the launch in India, Clubhouse will also be available in Japan, Brazil & Russia on Android this Tuesday. The social network had previously mentioned the Android rollout will continue with the waitlist and invite system.

Clubhouse has been the new hip-place that celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Serena Williams, Ashton Kutcher, and many more walk into, and the club remains exclusive, as all users do not have open access to it.

From Elon Musk inviting the President Of Russia for a conversation on the platform to Zendaya discussing her upcoming release, the app’s popularity has grown with users’ intrigue and interest that has been continually amplified with popular appearances.

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The buzz around the app in India has comparatively not been as loud as it has been in the West, or around the world. The launch on Android may create a stark difference in this state of affairs, as more Android holds more than 95% of the mobile operating system market share in India.

From a functionality outlook, Clubhouse as a social platform has already been fairly versatile, as musicians can host gigs, comedians can do a live show, sports fans can talk about their favorite teams, artists and creators can discuss their creative process, general users can just chat and have personal conversations to fill the socially distanced void.

Social activists, non-profit organizations, and anyone involved with charitable activities or initiatives are also initiating a meaningful dialogue or debate over current social issues, and ways to positively impact society.

Marketing on the platform has also been a point of interest by several brands and agencies in India. The social network has already announced tools to forge creative collaborations and monetization opportunities for creators. Features such as payments, club creation, will also be available on Android as the app becomes widely available.

Going virtual for a product launch with a room full of consumers who are genuinely interested in the product, hosting a Q&A with consumers to gather product feedback, holding panel discussions around subjects relevant to the brand, tapping voice-based branded content, and building innovative experiences, are a few of the ways marketing can progress on the platform.