DDB launches an unimaginable campaign to convey its offering of unexpected works

DDB Unexpected works

Unexpected works generate results that go beyond expectations, building upon this notion and extending this proposition, DDB has depicted this new brand positioning in a campaign that taps the potential of unexpected creativity.

In an attempt to stand out amongst the herd, and establish its reinvented positioning of unexpected works with a visual representation of unimaginable campaigns, DDB placed an OOH billboard in a sheep farm in Garston, New Zealand, with a population of 100 humans (who are not around in sight) and 40,000 sheep.

The video campaign is a mildly satirical take on its own concept, the concept that is intensifying the literal essence of the words “unexpected works” with a few grand visuals and a CTA to visit the website.

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Standing out in a herd is the only way for any campaign to be noticed, the global ad conglomerate communicated exactly that with the video advert and the billboard. The campaign is also supported by another video advert of a montage of various clippings with visual effects.

Aditya Kanthy, CEO & MD, DDB Mudra Group said, “Unexpected Works isn’t a tagline or a traditional positioning. It’s a promise. To our clients, culture, and colleagues in a world that has been altered by the pandemic. We have a simple belief — Unexpected Works. Two words that mean, the best idea is the one you never saw coming and is effective. So, whether it’s a billboard in the middle of a sheep paddock in New Zealand or work like Stayfree’s Project Free Period which triggered conversations at scale around two taboo topics – sex work and menstruation, creativity is most powerful when it’s unexpected”.

Ari Weiss, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide shares, “The formula for creating breakthrough creative work that drives business results is timeless. It’s how we bring that formula to life that changes on a daily basis. We’re not reinventing the wheel here. We’re simply putting more focused language around a truth that anyone who has ever worked at DDB can feel in their bones: Unexpected Works”.