Eid Campaigns from 2021 brighten up the gloomy times

Eid Campaigns

Selfless deeds are not locked down, and tales that spread positivity have been injected into Eid Campaigns 2021, along with creatives that replace the warmth of festive greetings.

The integral elements of the Eid celebration such as taking up a humanitarian cause or assisting those in need, have been reinforced with intensified significance during the pandemic, and a few campaigns reflect this notion.

Shan Foods depicts an uplifting narrative of humanity bringing people from different faiths together, who are providing festive meals in exchange for love. With a minimal focus on the brand and its products, concluded by a confounding climax, the campaign manages to keep the viewer gripped.

Rizwan by Facebook is a portrayal of yet another selfless deed. Created by Taproot Dentsu under the ‘More Together’ series highlighting localized stories, the campaign revolves around an individual managing a vaccination drive helping elders.

Vaccination against COVID-19 has also been a common theme tapped with the festive creatives by various brands such as OYO, and Tata Motors.

With all the negativity around and the constant fear of testing positive, Tide had taken up the onus of highlighting positive instances from around the country, and the campaign has also been extended for Eid, with stories of people brightening up someone else’s Eid.

More brands come up as the crescent moon in a dark night.

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Shan Ramzan – Shan Foods

Rizwan – Facebook

Amul India





Tata Motors

McDonald’s India

A Celebration Of Sharing – Ashok Leyland

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