Hey Girls’ new campaign encourages viewers to take action against period poverty

Hey Girls period poverty

Titled “Seeing Red”, the new ad campaign by the ‘Hey Girls’ brand deliberately evokes rage and anger in the audience to motivate them into taking action against period poverty.

Period Poverty in the UK is getting worse by the day; with the Pandemic every 1 in 3 girls and women across UK is struggling to get access to menstruation products. To elicit the change, the feminine hygiene brand ‘Hey Girls’ created an ad that evokes the feeling of anger around the situation. 

The ad film titled “Seeing Red” was created by the agency Adam&Eve/DDB and aims at addressing the fact that period poverty has seen a massive surge during the pandemic. The campaign takes off with a “trigger warning”, followed by a scene of a girl in a school bathroom who seems to be unprepared when her period starts. It depicts the frustration and distress one has to undergo during their first encounter with their periods. 

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The campaign proceeds forward to show stories of various characters – for example, a woman who is being teased and bullied for being on her periods, the story of a trans man who is afraid to use feminine products in the bathroom, and a story of a new mom who can’t afford sanitary products.  

The ad film is solely designed with the motive of encouraging people to take action for combatting period poverty by buying Hey Girls feminine products. The brand is standing up for the cause by giving a pack of period products for free to someone who is suffering from the issue in return for every pack someone buys.