Advertising revenue witnesses 46% y-o-y increase: Facebook Q1 2021 Report

Paawan Sunam
May 03, 2021 09:59 IST
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Facebook Q1 2021

The Facebook Q1 2021 Report highlights significant updates for brands and advertisers and the platform’s expectations for the next quarter and the financial year. We summarize the key takeaways from the report.

The report also underlines the privacy update by Apple on its operating systems as a headwind for advertising revenue, going forward, along with the continued uncertainty that COVID-19 projected through the Q1 2021 for Facebook.

  • Facebook daily active users were 1.88 billion on average for March 2021, an increase of 8% year-over-year
  • Facebook monthly active users were 2.85 billion as of March 31, 2021, an increase of 10% year-over-year
  • Total revenue generated accounts to 26,171 Mn USD, a 48% year-over-year increase

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  • Advertising revenue accounted for 25,439 Mn USD, a 46% year-over-year increase
  • Advertising revenue growth in the first quarter of 2021, was driven by a 30% year-over-year increase in the average price per ad and a 12% increase in the number of ads delivered
  • Facebook expects the advertising revenue growth will continue to be primarily driven by price during the rest of 2021
  • Second-quarter 2021 year-over-year total revenue growth is expected to remain stable or modestly accelerate relative to the growth rate in the first quarter of 2021
  • iOS 14.5 update is expected to begin having an impact in the second quarter
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