NBA's latest campaign captures moments that keep basketball fans united

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NBA That’s Game

With the launch of ‘That’s Game’, NBA highlights what happens in the court, in communities across the globe, and in the culture of basketball at large, uniting fans into one large army.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) unveiled its campaign ‘That’s Game’, capturing the excitement of the 2020-21 Playoffs that tips off Sunday morning. With the launch of its new global campaign, NBA aims at highlighting the different experiences of all the fans and players in the court related to the game which unites them together.

The film portrays the impact of the game on players and fans which motivates and inspires them to come back for more. The campaign states that the game helps people defeat all odds and redefines the meaning of standing up for a cause for all the great reasons. “That’s Game,” is like a celebration of great NBA moments that raise the bar for what happens on the court, in communities across the globe, and in the culture of basketball games at large.

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“That’s Game’ demonstrates more than just the culmination of play — it’s about the moments that have kept fans connected to the game throughout history and will continue to engage them long into the future,” said NBA Chief Marketing Officer Kate Jhaveri.

“That’s Game” campaign launches with a series of four television spots which will air globally in 15 languages, narrated by actor Idris Elba, directed by Emmanuel Adjei, and set to an original composition by Oscar-winning producer Jon Batiste. 

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