Pinterest launches an overview of ad campaigns process & promotions

Pinterest ad

Sharing a guide on how to use Pinterest Ads manager, the platform aims at helping Pinners with the process of ad campaigns and promotions.

Pinterest has recently shared an overview of how to use Pinterest Ads Manager which allows the businesses to create, manage and report on their Pinterest campaigns. The new guide that has been released by Pinterest on their business blog carries a few basic yet helpful tips for the businesses to use regarding ad campaigns and their promotions. 

The guide kickstarts with a basic overview of how to create an ad on Pinterest. As the guide suggests, the businesses have to nail the basics first to get a hang of Pinterest marketing. This includes the following steps.

  • Get access: Ads Manager is built right into the Pinterest Business account of the business. When the business is ready to start a new campaign, they can look for the “Ads” menu or head to
  • Choose your own ad(venture): The user can use Ads Manager to create individual ads or complex campaigns. To make things even easier, the business can also duplicate or edit an existing campaign.
  • Consider using ad groups: If the business decides to run more than one ad at a time, they will want to organize them into “ad groups”: ads that share a related theme. Therefore, the business can add multiple ad groups to the same campaign so it’s easier to manage details like goals and budgeting.

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The guide also includes an overview of the objectives for the promoted pin campaigns. As suggested by the guide, there are the following objectives for the campaigns to full fill. 

  • Build awareness: Help people to discover your brand or products, or get more eyes on your video ads.
  • Drive consideration: Get more traffic on or off Pinterest. 
  • Get conversions: Increase actions like online sales or signups or use shopping ads to highlight your product feed.

The guide also includes helpful tips on targeting, maximizing campaign reach, and some pro tips to provide the audience with the right set of guidelines to follow while doing Pin marketing, all of which you can take note of from here