Snapchat announces initiatives for Mental Health Awareness

Samriddhi Bisht
May 20, 2021 04:26 IST
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Snapchat Mental Health awareness

To support the mental well-being of users, Snapchat announces various initiatives like "Everything’s Fine", “Seize The Awkward” and more, this Mental Health Awareness month.

As Mental Health Awareness Month is underway, Snapchat is announcing several new partnerships and in-app resources to continue supporting the mental health and well-being of all the people of the community. 

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Here are the mental health initiatives taken by Snapchat

  • Snapchat has signed on as a founding partner of the first-ever Mental Health Action Day on May 20, alongside MTV Entertainment Group and more than 650 leading brands, nonprofits, government agencies, and cultural leaders to drive people to take action to support their mental health. As part of this activation, Snapchat has also partnered with Active Minds on a Mental Health Action Day Filter encouraging Snapchatters to take action around mental health for themselves and for their communities. 
  • Snapchat teamed up with AdCouncil to develop the “Seize The Awkward” national Filter and Lens to provide the Snapchatters with unique conversation starters that spark meaningful discussions about mental health. 
  • To help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in underrepresented communities, Snapchat has partnered with The Boris L. Henson Foundation to create a national Filter addressing mental health risks for Black youth. 
  • For another engaging way to raise awareness and help debunk the stigma surrounding mental health, Snapchat is also rolling out new Bitmoji Stickers that are paired with resources to find additional support. 
  • To support the cause, Snapchat is also debuting a new Snap Original, “Everything’s Fine,” that follows a college junior named Gemma who tries to make it big in the music industry while coping with her bipolar diagnosis. 

Last year, Snapchat partnered with Headspace to launch a Mini space within Snapchat to provide a safe space for friends to practice meditation and mindfulness exercises while sending encouraging messages to check-in and positively boost friends in need.

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