Popularizing Print through Digital: How The Guardian campaigns reflect the paper's perspectives

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May 12, 2021 06:20 IST
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The Guardian Campaigns

Put together with a strong pride for print, campaigns released by The Guardian are documentation of their legacy over the last 200 years.

The Guardian was born in Manchester on 5 May 1821. A paper with a history of 200 years is bound to go through monumental changes as it evolves through the decades. For The Guardian, the progress has been towards strengthening digital presence while keeping up with the legacy and roots — something that's evident in their campaigns. Currently, they are celebrating the completion of two centuries with a humungous campaign.

They are reflecting on the years that went by, focusing not just on the glory but also on the mistakes they have made over the years. The milestone is being celebrated with a digital festival of live events and masterclasses.

The Guardian's campaigns can be categorised in three parts: Importance of perspectives and dissemination of factual information, accessibility and design, product consumption for leisure. The pride of print is evident in every campaign put forth by the paper. They have documented their history well — and continue to leverage it to create powerful narratives — that depict their importance in the lives of their readers.

Celebrating 200 Years

Hope Is Power

Three Little Pigs

Points of View

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Use In Moderation

Own The Weekend

A Space Worth Supporting

New Look

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