Truecaller inspires us to #BlockTimeForMom with Mother's Day campaign

Paawan Sunam
May 08, 2021 21:24 IST
New Update
Truecaller mother's

Truecaller sends us a notification to identify the immeasurable value of a mother's love with their latest campaign #BlockTimeForMom and encourages us to clear up our to-do list to give her the priceless gift of time.

In between packed schedules and meeting deadlines, we may have ignored our top priority, nurturing the love of our caregiver, to who we owe our lives. This Mother's Day Truecaller uplifts the spirit of the maternal bond and stimulates us to make time for the one who not just dedicated nine months, but her whole life to us.

Mother's love has never been transactional, in exchange for all her endurance and the hard work she put behind raising us and supporting us in all our struggles, all she ever asks for is one conversation, or just five minutes which she will cherish for days. This selfless love is often neglected under the pressure of our work life, which has become our only life.

Excuses are always available, but we continue to remain unavailable, and often fail to do the least we can. With a series of static and motion creatives, the campaign intends to stir up a revelation that was always known, with notions that we have been familiar with.

The campaign has been initiated in easily consumable formats, to make the communication engaging along with effective, producing a message the viewer would not forget after the scroll, but remember each day and #BlockTimeForMom.

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