Twitter acquires Scroll to introduce ad-free design for articles

Twitter Scroll

The acquisition of Scroll has been advanced with an objective to enable users to read articles on Twitter without pop-ups, ads, or any form of clickbait or clutter.

Scroll, the web service that offers ad-free access to websites in exchange for a membership fee, will be integrating their technology into the Twitter platform, in an attempt to deliver a cleaner, faster, and better reading and publishing experience.

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Publishers associated with Scroll can generate more revenue than they would traditional ads or pop-ups. Scroll would also be contributing to developing subscription services on Twitter, along with bringing in the business model that aims to be profitable for news outlets and publishers.

New sign-ups for Scroll have been paused temporarily, and existing consumers and publishers will continue to be supported. Their products will be included in Twitter’s subscription plans. The service will be going into private beta until it is integrated into a broader Twitter subscription offering later in the year.

Plans to include Scroll as a part of an upcoming subscription offering by Twitter is being explored. The offering is being designed on the lines of providing premium features such as ad-free articles from publishers and writers’ newsletters from Revue, to Twitter subscribers. The fee would also be shared with the publishers and creators of the textual content.

As Twitter has been a platform where several users are proactively present to discover and consume news, the platform intends to deliver a seamless reading experience and keep the audience engaged.