Twitter introduces Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service

Twitter Blue

The subscription-based service, Twitter Blue, may include features like a collection tab, undo tweets, and more.

Twitter is most likely to launch its subscription-based service known as Twitter Blue at a $2.99/month price. Twitter Blue is expected to include various new features like the ability to undo tweets and the launch of bookmark collection tabs. 

With the bookmark collection feature, users can save and organize their favorite tweets at one place in a collection so they are easier to find. Twitter users can not only keep this collection for themselves but can also share it with another user. 

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Twitter Blue will also allow the users to undo a tweet within 5-10 seconds of it being put on the platform. Users will also be given options to select where the undo tweet feature on the platform which includes original tweets, replies, etc.

As Twitter acquired Scroll, Former CEO of Scroll, Tony Haile took over Twitter to announce that Twitter might be testing an integrated broader Twitter subscription that is most likely to be launched later in 2021. He also announced that the premium subscription service might offer a clutter and ad-free news reading experience to the users.