Twitter launches uncropped display of single images in Tweets

Twitter images

After facing criticism for alleged racial bias for their image-cropping algorithm, Twitter has now introduced the display of full-size and uncropped images.

The update has now been launched on iOS and Android, and Tweets with single images will appear in full size in the Tweet composer as well as published Tweet on the Twitter timeline.

In October 2020, Twitter was accused of racial bias. The conversation grew when various users posted an experiment of a single image with people from two different racial groups, and the Tweets only displaying the white folks. Users have also often complained about the cropping system displaying parts of the image that are irrelevant to the Tweet’s context, and an uncropped display has been desired for a while now.

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Although the platform claimed their analysis did not show racial or gender bias, but they recognized the way they automatically crop photos means there is a potential for harm.

Growing detest by several users and allegations of racial bias led to Twitter announcing tests around variations of how any media in a Tweet is displayed, starting with the tryouts of single-image Tweets with an uncropped display, which has now been rolled out on a wider scale.

The new update has also been well-received by several Twitter users celebrating the change with vertical and lengthy photos.