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Vanish Generation Rewear

Generation Rewear brings together consumer insights of Vanish, industry expertise of the British Fashion Council and consumer reach of Amazon UK.

Garment care brand Vanish has partnered with the British Fashion Council (BFC) to create a documentary series shining a light on the urgent need for sustainable fashion. Generation Rewear, which is running across Amazon UK Properties, addresses excessive consumption of clothing and the culture of extreme disposability with respect to fashion. It also features innovative designers, companies and ordinary people seeking to reduce fashion's impact on the environment. On their part, Vanish is committing to helping clothes live longer.

Created by Havas London and directed by Richard Bullock at Hungry Man, Generation Rewear is a three-part documentary series that aims to inspire consumers to follow practices that favour environmentally conscious behaviours. Cinematic, candid and authentic, it does so through revealing, first-hand accounts from those on the front line of fashion’s fight to become more sustainable.

The series will debut exclusively via Amazon with promotions including Amazon Fire TV takeover, trailers on the homepage and social media support. It will also be available to view on the London Fashion Week platform and there will be an on-schedule moment as part of London Fashion Week in June.

The first episode of the series invites viewers into the studios of UK designers, Phoebe English, Liam Hodges and Olubiyi Thomas to reveal how they are rethinking their approaches. The second turns the lens to the business Sojo (clothing repair), Oxwash (laundry innovation) and Petit Pli (wearable tech brand). The third episode features Britain's 'Rewear heroes' — ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to get the most out of their clothes. The series has been narrative by Clare Press, Vogue's Sustainability Editor and founder of The Wardrobe Crisis, a sustainable fashion platform.

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“As the environmental impact of our culture of extreme disposability becomes clear, the need to care for our clothes has never been greater. It’s why Vanish is committing to helping clothes live longer. We believe that every garment you own should bring you joy again and again — and with Generation Rewear, we wanted to celebrate the remarkable people and companies who, like Vanish, are driving fashion’s sustainable revolution," says Cigdem Kurtulus, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Vanish.

The idea behind Generation Rewear is not to point fingers but to educate, says Nick Rowland, Creative Director at Havas London. They wanted to shine a light on some of the inspiring, innovative and interesting things that are already happening as the fashion industry grapples with the impact of the culture of disposability.

“We are delighted to support this series as part of our wider partnership with Vanish, bringing together the BFC’s collective power of the fashion industry with Vanish’s insight into consumer behaviours. We all have a part to play in creating a more sustainable future and we hope the documentary will encourage designers, retailers and consumers alike to adopt more environmentally conscious behaviours," added Caroline Rush CBE, Chief Executive, British Fashion Council.

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