YouTube launches subscribers-only Live feature for creators

YouTube subscribers

With the introduction of the subscribers-only Live feature, YouTube gives creators a chance to engage with their loyal community creating a premium vibe.

YouTube has launched a “subscribers-only mode,” which will enable creators to host exclusive live chats with their subscribers. The feature aims at conducting live chats easily for more dedicated fan groups of the creators. The feature is launched in an effort to allow the creators to have a more interactive live session with their subscribers, avoiding any negative responses that usually happen during live streams targeted at a wider group of users.

Here is how creators can turn on the subscribers-only-chat

Creators can go to the Live Control Room. From the live stream, they can click on Edit. Then, click on Live chat and select subscribers under the “Who can send a message” option. Then, click Save. 

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Creators are also allowed to choose how long the viewers need to be subscribed before they can send live chat messages. This setting can be changed before and during your live stream or Premiere.

As per a YouTube support blog, the feature is only available to a small number of creators as of now and will most likely be rolled out fully in the coming few weeks.