YouTube Updates: Tax Info notice for Creators, and more

Samriddhi Bisht
New Update
YouTube creators updates

New updates of YouTube include information regarding channel memberships extension to more countries, improvement in comments page performance, tax information for creators, and moving hashtags below the video titles.

The updates, features, and improvements on the platform, also include new regulations to be followed by the creators on YouTube.

Here are the new updates and improvements

Update Tax info in Adsense: Creators on YouTube are required to submit their tax information in Adsense until May 31, 2021. Failing to do so will invite a penalty from Google that will deduct up to 24% of creators' total YouTube earnings.

Moving Hashtags below video titles: In an attempt to make the watch page easy to navigate and scan, YouTube has updated clickable hashtags on the watch page so that they now appear below the video title instead of above the title.

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Improvement to comments page performance: The improvement on the platform is an effort to make the comments section in the studio desktop become more fast and responsive while the creator is scrolling through them.

Channel memberships: Channel memberships have been launched in 19 new countries which include Morocco, Egypt. Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, and Jordon. This allows viewers of these countries to purchase channel memberships on any channel globally.

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