Case Study: How ALTBalaji garnered 180mn+ reach through an engagement campaign for ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’

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Jun 23, 2021 13:03 IST
ALTBalaji engagement campaign

In a bid to spread awareness about ‘Broken But Beautiful Season 3’, ALTBalaji leveraged a 360-degrees approach with a mix of influencers and engagement tactics to keep the buzz alive around the characters and themes while generating conversations for the upcoming season of the show.

The case study aims to decode the ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ engagement campaign on ALTBalaji, attempting to understand the fundamentals of OTT marketing.

Brand Introduction

ALTBalaji is a video-on-demand platform, a subsidiary of Balaji Telefilms Limited offering original and exclusive stories tailored for Indian audiences across the globe.

Leveraging the theme of love, obsession, and desires, Broken but Beautiful Season 3 on ALTBalaji showcases the journey of Agastya and Rumi, exploring and chasing love and realizing that it is easier to fall in love than out of it.


ALTBalaji adopts a 360-degree marketing approach for the new season, leveraging the fan-base of the lead actors to propagate the series through a step-by-step marketing plan.

The creative thought process focuses on the protagonists as two people from different backgrounds, chasing their personal goals and desires while trying to figure out the emotion called love. The story is a glimpse into obsessions and to what extent people can go to fulfill them and this theme reflects throughout the show’s marketing strategy.

Problem Statement/Objective

The objective of ALTBalaji engagement campaign is to spread awareness about the series to garner maximum eyeballs for the show while getting old and new consumers on the ALTBalaji app for the new season.


For the new season of Broken But Beautiful, ALTBalaji initiated their marketing campaign a year before the release - effectively creating a high level of curiosity and increasing the shelf life of the show. As a first step, the OTT platform involved the audience in the new season by asking them who should be the cast through a poll on social media.

The idea was to give the audience the power to select their own hero and get them invested in the final product. This activity was done a year prior to the release of the new season.


Followed by this, ALTBalaji kept the momentum going through cast announcements and updates around the shooting of Season 3.

Continuing to engage the audience, ALTBalaji made several behind-the-scenes static and video posts from the sets to keep the buzz alive across social channels. These activations also led to the series name trending on Twitter.


As the release of the new season neared, marketing efforts were amped up. ALTBalaji took to narrating the tales of the protagonists through character introduction videos and posters while keeping the connection with the audiences leveraging the ‘Ye Kya Hua’ song.

Announcement Posts

Keeping a connect with the previous seasons, ALTBalaji released announcement posts that brought the old cast to meet the new one. In one of the instances, Harleen a.k.a Sameera shared an announcement post about the glimpses and posters of the characters.

The brand leveraged hashtag marketing with #BrokenButBeautiful3 trending on Twitter.

This was further followed by a pre-teaser release, making an effort to be with the viewers at every stage of the marketing campaign till the final launch.

Touting it as the season of obsession, the platform attempted to keep it buzzing while showcasing a collated post on the audience’s curiosity.

Teasing the Trailer

Soon, the Broken But Beautiful 3 teaser video was released.

This was amplified by 11 influencers as part of the outreach programme across all social platforms bringing significant reach and awareness. Keeping in line with the theme of the show, the brand released the show on 11.11 AM by 11 influencers.

Trailer Release

Leveraging the chemistry of the ensemble pair, Trailer was launched. This was followed by the promotions of the series with a focus on #AgMi.

The trailer garnered positive sentiments as it was promoted and amplified through influencers and media houses.

Song Launches

The Broken But Beautiful S3 was catapulted with engaging song releases and contests focused on the theme of love and obsession.

The songs were rendered by noted singers such as Amaan and Armaan Malik, Palak Muchhal, Akhil Sachdeva, Vishal Mishra, amongst others, who promoted the songs across their Official pages.


Each song was followed by a contest to gratify the viewers and complete the engagement cycle.

Further, for the launches ALTBalaji partnered with streaming platforms such as Gaana to reach the masses.


Each of the activations resulted in the show trending on Twitter and other social channels.


Virtual Concerts

The playback singers went all about to promote the songs through virtual concerts and unplugged performances for further engagement.

The interactive initiative also provided an opportunity to the fans to showcase beautiful song renditions to Rumi through a compilation curated by Music Influencer Mihir Joshi

Content Marketing Ft. Priya Malik

In a bid to bring a larger-than-life representation of Agastya and Rumi, the brand collaborated with Priya Malik as she penned down a thought-provoking poem on what could be between the couple as they cross the various stages of love and life with her slam poetry.

Dialogue Snippets

ALTBalaji campaign also involves a series of dialogue promo posts in multiple formats. Some of the posts highlight the flawed but beautiful characters along with popular dialogues.

Amplifying this, the brand leveraged the Remix feature on Instagram.

Focus on #AgMi

In a two-pronged strategy of highlighting the lead pair and driving engagement for the show, the platform urged viewers to define #AgMi.

This was followed by countdown posts and BTS videos to keep the show buzzing on social media.

Relatable Posts

Keeping the relatability quotient high, the marketers released an array of posts based on topicals and trends.

This also included content marketing tactics to drive consumers to watch the series.

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Brand Collaborations

To take the engagement a notch higher, ALTBalaji shared a series of co-branded promotions and posts in line with the theme of love and obsession. This included OkCupid, Bollywoo, Ferns & Petals, Chingari, Droom, Alexa, Box8, PeeSafe, amongst others.

Scribbled Stories






As part of the initiatives, ALTBalaji released a slew of contests. From the ‘Meet and Greet’ contest, where the fans got the opportunity to virtually meet the stars after answering some questions to the Fan-made poster competition, the platform did not leave any stones unturned to engage the consumers.

With the song releases, the marketers even initiated song and dance contests for fun and interaction for the audience.

Meet & Greet Contest

Fan-Made Poster Contest


#MereLiye Dance Contest

Engagement on WhatsApp

Leveraging GIFs, the brand collaborated with Google for Tenor GIFs that became available on WhatsApp to spread awareness about the show and top-of-mind recall


The Print Chapter

With a 360-degrees approach, ALTBalaji leveraged Print Media publications such as Sakal Times, Hindustan Express and a few digital publication houses to spread the word about the new season in native languages.


Following interviews and anecdotes of the stars, the platform made efforts to generate conversations about the actors and bring interesting stories from their lives.

The #BrokenButBeautiful3 x Television

To further reach the masses, Sidharth Shukla appeared on Colors TV’s reality show, ‘Dance Deewane’ for promoting the new season amidst a larger set of audience.

Influencers Speak

Several influencers promoted the show, pre and post its release for amplification, engagement, and encouraging binge-watching.

Extended/Miscellaneous Initiatives

As an extended part of the initiatives, ALTBalaji also did a brand integration campaign with Amazon Alexa to help the audience listen to the show dialogues, songs, and much more. Through this, the user would just need to command Alexa to open Broken But Beautiful and get access to these assets from the show.

Thus, the series continued to buzz and engage viewers through an array of activations and even managed to top the charts as one of the most-streamed original content/shows across COTT, Binged, and ORMAX. It was also listed as one of the top  40 shows on IMDB with a significant rating for its individual episodes.



  • Reach: 180 million
  • Impressions: 220 million
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