Case Study: How Sansui's #LoveToSingSingToWin campaign garnered 100 million impressions across social media channels leveraging influencers

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Jun 15, 2021 08:55 IST
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Sansui Valentine's day social media campaign

With Sansui Valentine's day campaign, #LoveToSingSingToWin, the brand intended to spread awareness about their new product range while engaging the consumers, leveraging influencers across social media channels.

This case study explores how Sansui Valentine's day campaign promoted its new range of Android TVs leveraging music and topicality of the day through the #LoveToSingSingToWin campaign on social media.

Brand Introduction

Sansui belongs to the consumer electronics brand category. It consists of durable goods and appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. It is a well-trusted brand and scores high on brand imagery.


Conceptualized by the influencer marketing agency, LWT, to promote Sansui’s new range of Full HD LED Android TVs, the brand collaborated with lyricist and music director Anand Bhaskar of Mirzapur fame and created a soundtrack for the campaign.

A popular set of influencers such as Neeti Mohan, Gajendra Verma, and Stebin Ben were roped in to be able to influence a large digital audience to participate in the #LoveToSingSingToWin campaign.

The campaign started on 13th February and ended on 15th February 2021. Each day, four winners were rewarded with Sansui 50” Android TVs. The awareness campaign managed to engage a large audience and achieved near-to 100 million impressions on social media platforms.


The brand aimed to promote its new range of Android TVs by engaging with the digital-savvy audience. Further, the brand intended to create more positive sentiments and brand awareness for their new Android TV range while spreading love and happiness around Valentine's Day.

Creative Idea

The campaign objective gave birth to a 3-day long, influencer-led campaign #LoveToSingSingToWin campaign around Valentine's day.

The insight of this campaign was to spread joy and happiness amongst users in an entertaining manner. It allowed participants to showcase their creative side by sharing their version of the ‘Love To Sing’ tune.

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Sansui launched an online influencer-led campaign #LoveToSingSingToWin for Sansui to promote its new range of Android TVs, in collaboration with Anand Bhaskar to create a soundtrack for the campaign.

It started on the 13th of February and ended on the 15th of February. The brand commenced the initiative with the release of the teaser posts of the campaigns in a grid format to generate curiosity and draw the attention of the target audience.

Post, the announcement, celebrity singers such as Neeti Mohan, Stebin Ben, and Gajendra Verma posted their version of this soundtrack and asked the audience to participate in this campaign through a micro-website.

The 3 influencers’ posts was then leveraged across various platforms for further amplification and more reach for the campaign, urging the audience to participate in the contest.

Owing to the topicality of the occasion, the objective of spreading love and happiness spread awareness about the new range of the product as they posted their version of the ‘Love To Sing’ tune, participating in the Sansui Valentine's day campaign.

In the three-day-long campaign, Sansui rewarded four 50” Android Televisions every day to the winners with the maximum number of shares.


  • Impressions: 100 million
  • Reach: 60 million
  • Comments: 5000+

The brand also observed a spike of 310126 % in impressions and 45063% in the number of engagements on its social media platforms during the duration of this campaign.


Shashin Devsare, Executive Director, Jaina Group, Sansui India, said, “We are all delighted with the kind of response we have seen during the campaign. People largely enjoyed the no-frills nature of the campaign and shed their inhibitions to send us their entries. A surprising fact was that we received almost seven times more video entries, compared to audios. You can say that if an idea is executed well, people will come and engage with it. Now, we look forward to increasing the presence of Sansui in the region.”

Govind Mahadevan, CEO & Founder, LWT (Look Whos Talking) stressed on the fact how influencers can help a brand build awareness and create a resonating message with their followers, “When you’re able to connect the correct influencers with the idea, you will always reap the benefits for the brand.”

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