Clubhouse Creator First program launches in India to support talent

Clubhouse Creator First program

As a part of the Creator First program, Clubhouse will be providing financial support to creators by connecting them to brands or providing a monthly stipend, and also help the creators with production and creative development.

Several conversations on diverse topics such as K-Pop, multi-language explorations, and various creators, artists, and users from distinct industries have joined the platform and Clubhouse wants to propel this initial growth with the launch of the Creator First program.

The Creator First accelerator program is designed to provide support and resources that creators need to flourish their creativity on Clubhouse and equip them with the required tools.

Equipment for quality audio production, a monthly stipend or matching creators with brands, design services for creative assets, promotion within and off of Clubhouse, and support in building an audience.

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Creators can apply for Clubhouse Creator First by filling out a form. The first window of review will close on July 16, 2021 (11:59 PM IST).

Clubhouse mentions that since the platform’s Android release in India, the app has experienced millions of downloads. Rooms have been bustling with India numerous well-known creators conversing on popular topics and personalities such as Viya Balan discussing her recently released work.

The platform mentions rooms on cricket, music, religion and prayer, games, contests, and many more have emerged, with the further push for supporting creators, the Indian community may soon match up to the ones on the global map.