Facebook Messenger introduces new chat themes and payment feature

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New chat themes to enable customization of the conversation windows and a new QR code-enabled payment feature that allows users to send and receive money have been introduced to improve the Messenger experience.

The payment feature is currently only available to Messenger users based in US.

Chat Themes

With the newly launched chat themes, users can set a personalized background in their chat rooms and windows to pop culture phenomenons or an environmental day.


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fast & Furious series, and promote the latest installment, in collaboration with the film series, Messenger rolled out the new F9 chat theme.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia’s signature face stickers, prominent colors, and design that celebrate the artist's newly launched album that has been topping several charts, has been launched to engage her fans.

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World Oceans Day

In an effort to promote sustainability, and the grave scenario of polluted oceans, Messenger introduced the theme of 'World Oceans Day', a day dedicated to informing the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean.

Quick Reply

The Messenger media bar now comprises a new quick reply bar, that enables users to send a response through the bar at the bottom of the screen, without needing to go back to the main thread. Users can swipe up to go back to back to the main thread and exit the full screen.


QR Codes & Payment Links

These payment features enable Messenger users to make online payments and facilitate digital transactions by sending, receiving, or requesting money. The transactions are not limited to Facebook friends, users can also transact with people not connected to Facebook.

The transactions will be carried out with Facebook Pay, a personal QR Code and payment link can be accessed through the 'Facebook Pay' option in Messenger settings. Sending and receiving money can be assisted by scannable QR codes and shareable payment links.