Facebook Update: Monetization features for Gaming VOD

Samriddhi Bisht
Jun 01, 2021 03:52 IST
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Facebook monetization features Gaming

Monetization features for Gaming VOD creators on Facebook include Stars for gaming that are used as a way to showcase support to the creator, live breaks during the live stream gaming video, and more.

Facebook is rolling out new monetization features for gaming video on demand in an attempt to give creators the tools and support they need for making awesome content on Facebook Gaming

Here are the new monetization features

Stars for gaming videos on demand: One of the monetization features is that Facebook is testing the ability for people to send Stars while watching gaming video-on-demand content on the platform. Stars are a way for supporters to showcase their support to the live creators. 

A video on demand creator can set Stars goal for videos in their creator dashboard and keep a track of the stars received by viewers in real-time from the viewers. For Stars-eligible video-on-demand content, a Stars ticker will display messages and animations when the stars are sent to the creator. The feature is currently being tested with a small group of creators and is most likely to roll out soon. 

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Live breaks during the live stream: The platform is testing Live Breaks that are a new type of mid-roll ads for gaming creators in Facebook's partner program to earn money and keep viewers entertained while taking a short break. Live Breaks are of 30, 90, or 150-second mid-roll ad breaks that include a mixture of mid-roll video ads and creator-generated content. 

Level Up Program Expanding to 9 New Territories: In order to provide more creators with access to the program that is essentially being created to jumpstart the communities of these gaming creators, the Level Up Program of Facebook is expanding to nine new territories which include Hong Kong, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

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