Facebook introduces Streamer Fan Groups for gaming creators

Paawan Sunam
Jun 17, 2021 06:09 IST
New Update
Facebook Streamer Groups

Streamer Fan Groups will be available to partner Gaming Creators and is designed to improve the social experience of live streaming and gaming content on Facebook.

A small subset of gaming creators would have access to this functionality currently, Facebook will be rolling out Streamer Fan Groups in phases to make improvements or alterations based on feedback.

Here are the key areas the new group functionality would focus on:


Group members would be notified if a creator chooses the option to distribute the stream to the group, viewers would also be prompted to join the Group. Live streaming is one of the integral aspects of gaming content, and the feature would streamline the process of gathering viewers for a stream, and also shed the load of frequently posting updates before going live.

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Chats and rooms categorized by relevant hashtags is an addition to improve the social experience of streaming. The feature can enable creators to maintain a close-knit relationship with their community and also warm up with them to initiate branded content and harbor efficient paid partnerships.


The functionality will also allow the creators to search for and play with other gamers in the group.

The new group functionality takes the foundation of Facebook Groups a step further by designing the experience specifically for creators and consumers of gaming content. Gaming communities are thriving on social platforms, and more and more social media brands are tapping the engagement potential they hold, Streamer Fan Groups may further amplify this potential.