Global COVID-19 Vaccine Campaigns that hit the viewers with their best shots

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COVID-19 Vaccine campaigns

Taking a jab at hesitancy around COVID-19 Vaccine, global brand campaigns inject the positives of bringing life back to normal.

One of the most popular global COVID-19 vaccine campaigns is Budweiser reuniting the iconic duo of Clydesdale and the puppy from the popular 2014 Super Bowl campaign. This time they make a comeback together to encourage the viewers to get the vaccine for an incentive of a free beer. The campaign developed by Anomaly Toronto is running across social media platforms and television.

One of the largest COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, Pfizer, released a series of short-format adverts, all under 30 seconds concentrating on human connections that amplify the emotional quotient. The pharmaceutical corporation has designed the campaign to tackle vaccine hesitancy with a flipped Q&A.

Samuel Adams transforms a public service message into an amusing online video with their campaign. Grandma by Ad Council is a part of the vaccine education initiative, that depicts the longing of elders for their loved ones, and how vaccines can bring us closer to them.

Created by Mekanism, the Made To Save campaign targets the hesitant population through social events that were the joy of our lives but now is just a forgotten feeling. Bringing Us Together by Stanford Medicine is an animated advert portraying the sweet beam of hope that will cut through our bubbles.

Don't Let The Vaccine Become A Luxury by UNICEF follows the visual format of luxury brand campaigns for products that only 1% of the global population can afford. Created by Tante Randi (Norway), the campaign featuring static and video adverts make a statement to encourage affordable vaccines with equitable access for all.

More brands and organizations encourage to lead their life back to normal.

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Reunited With Buds - Budweiser

It's Time To Touch Something Besides A Screen - Pfizer

Cousin From Boston - Samuel Adams

Don't Let The Vaccine Become A Luxury - UNICEF

Grandma - Ad Council

Bringing Us Together - Stanford Medicine

The COVID-19 Vaccines Were Made To Save - Made To Save

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