Global Pride Campaigns 2021 collaborate to erase hate

global pride campaigns

Creative communication continues the liberation of love that began with the Stonewall Riots in June 1969; global brands release a band of colorful campaigns to revere in Pride 2021.

Discrimination, hate, abuse, rejection, biased opportunities, and anything similar has no place in the world, but unfortunately has a place in the world. Pride 2021, the time of celebration and awareness is being observed by global brands to come together to wipe off differences with campaigns.

Pride, Respect, Equality by Respect Victoria revolves around the immediate family of the LGBTQIA+ community and how they can practically encourage the community to bear no inhibitions in being themselves comfortably. The campaign was laid on the insight of more than six in ten LGBTQIA+ people in Australia have experienced family violence and more similar data.

Levi’s continues its custom of launching a Pride collection every year, and this time for the launch campaign they focus on being inclusive of chosen pronouns. “Because to use someone’s pronouns is to see how they move through the world”, the brand mentioned in a blog.

ADP depicts the history of Pride and the significance of the month through animated snippets driven around by a conversation between friends.

Microsoft and Sainsbury’s bring in their employees who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community to talk about important issues. Sainsbury’s focuses on creating a habitable environment for the community and Microsoft discusses grave issues that affect everyone in the society.

More campaigns paint the town vibgyor.

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Pride, Respect, Equality – Respect Victoria

Do I Offend You? – Network Rail

Enjoy a Moment of Pride – VF Corporation

All Pronouns. All Love – Levi’s

Why is June Pride Month? – ADP

Pride 2021 – Sainsbury’s

Together, We Can – Microsoft

Human By Orientation – HBO Max

Pride Month 2021 – Getty Images

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