HBO’s test email mishap gives rise to Dear Intern tales

HBO Dear Intern

A test email mistakenly sent out to half their subscriber base made HBO Max pin the blame on an intern, leading people to tweet their horror tales.

Being an intern can be overwhelming – you have everything to prove but not enough skills or tools at your disposal to show results that match your heart’s desire. There are very few places that actually give you responsibilities to prove your mettle. The pressure and the will to get through obstacles can give rise to both tales of extraordinary work and embarrassing moments. When HBO Max Help tweeted about their test email mishap, mentioning how it was the mistake of an intern, scores of people replied, recalling their mistakes and motivating the said intern to keep going.

Almost all these stories began with Dear Intern.

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The email that began it all had ‘Integration Test Email #1’ in the subject line and ‘This template is used by integration tests only.’ in the body copy. Many people who received this email took screenshots and shared them on Twitter, adding their hilarious two-bits to it. Some shared memes to become a part of the conversation.

HBO Max’s email moment has resulted in immense support for interns. Recalling your worst moments at work cannot be easy. However, that is exactly why this case was an interesting one. It made people, who are now in positions of power and/or privilege, accept and express that it is a rite of passage that everyone has to go through. For a scared intern, this can be considered a great morale boost.