IKEA campaigns that rally on the importance of connections


More than a furniture brand, IKEA has been a way of life – a status symbol one loves to flaunt. Advocating and enhancing this premium vibe attached to their products, the brand has been creating campaigns that cut through the clutter.

The brand has been accredited with some touching campaigns such as Making Home Count and Our Little World. Ikea has attempted to highlight indigenous elements with generous amounts of creativity, emotion, and even humor, attempting to strike the right chord with their audience. Here are some of the popular IKEA campaigns for you.

Making Home Count

This was posted during the initial days of COVID-19. The campaign visualizes random moments which everybody spends at home with family and how the pandemic taught us to celebrate these little, barely discussed things.

Say Hej to IKEA Place

This campaign talks about furniture and how you can place your belongings in the right Place. Available on the App Store, IKEA Place It lets you virtually ‘place’ furnishings in your space – the campaign advocates the app.

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IKEA is Buying Back Old Furniture on Black Friday 

We all have memories attached to a particular piece of furniture and that feeling is shown in this campaign.

IKEA | Our Little World

Little world campaign gives us a glimpse of our little world.

IKEA – Ghosts

What if you try something daring and it doesn’t work? This Ikea campaign has an answer to that.

Let’s play for Change

Children enormously benefit from play. These tiny tots grow up, use their creativity and discover new things just by having fun. The IKEA Good Cause campaign, Let’s Play for Change, is aimed at supporting children’s rights and giving them back the joy of playing.

Over the years, IKEA has established furnishing and home decor as being with life and spirit. Beings that have a profound impact on our lives. Which is one of your favourite IKEA campaigns? Let us know in the comments below.