Infographic: Tips to avoid losing Twitter followers

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Twitter Infographic

A number of reasons can push the users to hit the Unfollow option. This infographic lists them out, outlining how to avoid these mistakes.

Twitter is one of the most used platforms with multiple tweets and retweets making rounds every day. In this clutter, it is easy to lose user attention and followers. This infographic highlights 7 reasons that usually lead to a loss of followers.

For instance, tweeting too little or tweeting too often, both, can lead to losing followers. When you tweet too little it is likely that consumers have very little to connect with and too often can cause spamming. Moderation is the key here.

Users are also put off when there is an excess of ads or sales-related content. Tweets have to be distinctive and make sense for the followers to comprehend the content and the purpose of the handle. Not responding to your followers is a major turn-off and leads to a loss of followers easily because social media is all about interacting.

This infographic by red website design will help you avoid all mistakes that lead to the users hitting the Unfollow option.

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