Midol urges women to stop apologizing for menstruating in its new campaign

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With the rollout of the "No Apologies, Period" campaign, Midol urges women to stop apologizing for their periods and be confident about their periods and related symptoms.

Midol launched the "No Apologies, Period" campaign in an effort to drive awareness regarding the stigmas associated with menstruation and making periods a sorry-free zone for all women. The latest campaign in collaboration with Twelvenote, a new Lippe Taylor Group agency aims at restoring women's confidence when they are on their periods. 

The 60-second spot walks viewers through instances when women feel sorry for being on their period. The ad features women from all walks of life who speak about the time when they were forced to hide their mood swings, period symptoms and had to apologize for the other person to feel comfortable. 

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In an attempt to stop women from apologizing, they then offer the thought of being unapologetically themselves while on periods. 

The campaign will run across all digital platforms in partnership with Bustle Digital Group to initiate period conversations and build a positive attitude towards every women's period story. 

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